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3LIFE Water Pump Foldable – Pompa Air Galon Foldable Electric

Rp 149.000
3LIFE Water Pump Foldable - Pompa Air Galon Foldable Electric Features: 1. Compatible with a variety of bottled water 2. Wireless use, anytime, anywhere 3. TYPE-C charging port 4. Light push to close 5. One-time Quantitative pumping 11 seconds / 230mL Long press for 3 seconds Quantitative pumping 60 second / 1000mL Specifications: Name: Folding pump Model: 012 Battery capacity: 1200mAh Charging time: 4.5 hours Port USB: Type-C Rated power: 2.5W Input: DC 5.0V ,1.0A Size: 147.6*64mm Package Include: 1 x Water Pump 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual

Deerma DEM-NU05 2in1 Tumbler Blender Buah Portable Juicer 400ml

Rp 329.000
Deerma DEM-NU05 2in1 bisa Tumbler atau Blender Buah Portable Juicer 400ml Sekarang membuat jus bisa dilakukan di mana saja. Tanpa pergi ke dapur dan mencolokan listrik, Anda dapat membuat jus buah. Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NU05 solusi bagi Anda yang punya mobilitas tinggi namun tetap ingin memenuhi gaya hidup sehat minum jus yang Anda buat. Gunakan saja blender portable yang bisa Anda masukan ke dalam tas. Tanpa ribet, praktis, mesin yang powerful, baterai isi ulang, dan tentunya terjangkau dari segi harga. Blender ini dirancang agar memudahkan Anda langsung meminum jus atau menyimpan hasil juicer ke botol. Nah. blender sudah dilengkapi botol khusus yang juga bagian dari wadah blender itu sendiri. Xiaomi juicer ini memiliki bobot yang ringan dan mudah dibawa. Bahkan, anak umur 4 tahun bisa mengangkat dengan mudah melalui pegangan tali silikon. Taruh saja di mobil ataupun ke dalam tas Anda. Terdapat dua buah mata pisau Xiaomi Juicer yang tajam dapat dengan cepat membuat jus, milkshake hingga makanan cepat saji untuk bayi. Kekuatan mesin blender ini layar disandingkan dengan blender konvesional. Sehingga dengan ukuran sekecil ini, Anda bisa mendapatkan hasil jus yang memuaskan. Dengan konsep wireless alias tanpa kabel, blender ini sudah dibekali baterai charger. Sheingga Anda bisa mengisi ulang baterainya selama di perjalanan, misalnya menggunakan power bank ataupun car charger. Material Xiaomi juicer ini ramah lingkungan sehingga aman dan tidak berbahaya bagi kesehatan termasuk bayi Anda. Specification Brand: Deerma Product key: DEM -NU05 Power: 140W Voltage: DC 7.4V Capacity: 400ml Net mass: 600g Material: high-end plastic Package: 1 x Xiaomi Deerma Blender Buah Wireless Portable Juicer 400ML - DEM-NU05 1 x USB Cable 1 x Brush

Deerma DR050 DR 050 Electric Hot Water Kettle – Pemanas Air Listrik

Rp 275.000
Deerma DR050 DR 050 Electric Hot Water Kettle - Pemanas Air Listrik Main Features: Lightweight and portable IMD real-time water temperature screen, SMART touch to adjust the temperature A new design of steam pressure relief valve can automatically sense the pressure inside the cup, boil water safely and cleanly 40?C -90?C Frequency Conversion Thermostat Food grade 304 stainless steel liner with qualified PP surface Lightweight and portable design, easy to carry for travel or brew milk powder for baby outside Automatic monitoring, auto power-off to prevent dry burning Specification Brand: Deerma Model: DEM-DR050 Material: PP Water Capacity: 350ml Rated Voltage: 220V Rated Frequency: 50Hz Power:300W Operation Mode: Touch Button Display Heating Temperature Range:40-90?C Dimension Product weight: 0.54kg (300g) Product size: 253*107*105mm (76 x 76 x 222mm) Package weight: 400g Package Contents 1 x Deerma Electric Kettle 1 x Power Cable 1 x Manual 1 x Certificate

Deerma JS200 JS 200 Portable Blender 40W Charger Power Bank USB Type-C

Rp 299.000
Deerma JS200 JS 200 Portable Blender 40W bisa Charger menggunakan Power Bank USB Type-C *With multiple security protection: Understand the concerns of using the cooking machine, Deermar has set up multiple safety protections: overload protection, short-circuit protection, etc., to reduce hidden safety hazards in use, and operate without worry. *Food-grade safe material: All materials for direct contact with food are made of safe materials, the blade is made of 304 stainless steel, and the cup body is made of food-grade AS material, which meets the national food safety standards. *Charge for 2h and use for 1 month: The new Type-C fast charge can cut food up to 30 times with one charge. Use it once a day and last for 1 month. The large-capacity battery has a sense of safety and does not require frequent charging. *1 second, about 60 cuts: The motor is full of power, the speed reaches 28,000 rpm, and it drives the three-leaf blade to rotate and cut at a high speed. It cuts and twists the food about 60 times per second, and the output is fast and delicate. *Portable: The wireless and compact food processor is as high as bottled milk and covers an area about the size of a palm. It can be easily stored in the cabinet or in the drawer. Specification: Rated power: 40W Rated capacity: 150ml Working hours: <308 Rated working voltage: 3.7V Charging voltage: 5V Charging current: 2A Product size: 90x90x112mm Charging method: USB Type C Package included: 1 x Host 1 x Transparent cup 1 x USB Type-C charging cable 1 x Manual 1 x Rotary knife

Deerma NU06 NU 06 / NU05 NU 05 Portable Blender Juicer

Rp 329.000
Deerma NU06 NU 06 / NU05 NU 05 Portable Blender Juicer Main Features: New juicing equipment In the hot summer, iced juice is indispensable. The wireless portable juice machine has three upgrades in appearance, performance and battery life. Upgraded appearance Designer custom color, Tunisian dark blue + rose gold Performance upgrade The new combination of juicing, the motor blade is very different Battery life upgrade Refill at any time, refill 8 cups at a time Sports / work / shopping / picnic, wireless and portable Say goodbye to the shackles of the power cord, the wireless body is convenient to carry, walk with you everywhere, and you can squeeze sweet and sour juice at any time, awaken your vitality 21000rpm DC motor Driven by a DC motor with an instantaneous speed of up to 21,000 rpm, it not only cuts the pulp but also breaks the ice, the fruit is fully integrated with the ice cubes and fresh milk, and the taste is as delicate as a broken wall. N summer internet celebrity drink, easy to make at any time with it 3h fast charge, 8 cups per charge Built-in USB interface, power bank can be charged directly or in-vehicle charging, 3H fast charging. Optimize the circuit design, upgrade the battery life, charge 8 cups at a time, and have delicious food along the way. PCTG food-grade material The cup body is strictly made of PCTG food-grade material. Like a baby bottle, it does not contain bisphenol A which is harmful to the human body. It is also resistant to fall and wear and carry, and children with naughty families can also drink safely. Technical Specifications : Material PCTG (baby bottle material), 304 stainless steel, PP Battery: 1500mAh Dimension DEM-NU06: 315 x 183 x 105mm Voltage : 220V Power : 140W Capacity : 400ml

Deerma NU90 NU 90 Portable Juicer Cold Cup Double Lid

Rp 479.000
Brand: Deerma Model: NU90 (2in1 New Item) Name: Portable Electric Juicer / Deerna NU90 Material: PCTG (baby bottle material), 304 stainless steel, PP 2 Cup lid: Drinking cup lid Mixing cup lid 6 Hours temperature control and cold preservation Smoothies/ cold drinks Warm heart drinks Juicing cold drinks/ hot drinks Voltage: 3.7V ?Power: 50W Capacity: 300ml Battery capacity: 1500mAh Charging time: about 3 hours Charging :Type-C 40 seconds wireless automatic stirring, each charge can stir 8 cups Motor: 18.000rpm Laying Method: ?Hand Held Speed Adjustment: One Gear Package Dimension: ?76.45 x 21.34 x 16.76mm Weight: 3.5kg Package Contents: Juicer Blade Juicer Machine Juicer Cup Cup Lid Power Cord

Duka ES1 ES 1 Electonic Kitchen Scale – Timbangan Dapur 8KG

Rp 319.000
Duka ES1 ES 1 Electonic Kitchen Scale - Timbangan Dapur 8KG Features : - Zero setting, tare function to subtracts weight of containers. - Weighing indicator. - Unit switching (5 units): g, ml, kg, oz, lb. - Accumulation function (maximum 99.99kg); Accumulation function (maximum 99.99kg). - Fully waterproof/washable. - Automatic shut-down. Automatic calibration at startup. Specification : Brand: DUKA Model: ES1 Capacity: 0-3 Kg Graduation Value: 0.1g Precision: ?2g Battery: Lithium polymer battery Battery Capacity: 450mAh Charging Method: Type-C LCD Display: 5 digits LCD Display Units: g, ml, kg, oz, lb Tare Function: Support Data history: 5 groups Certification: Rohs, UN38.3, GB31241, CE Package Included : 1 x DUKA ES1 Kitchen Scale

Xiaolang Portable UV Light Sterilization Ozone Disinfection

Rp 1.399.000
Xiaomi Xiaolang Portable UV Light Sterilization Ozone Disinfection Main Features: UV Disinfection; No dead angle sterilization; Easy operation Window Door Design; Disinfection work at a glance; Leakproof material, no fear of radiation effects Pull-out Shelf?Pull-out design for easy access Built-in Induction Night Light Non-slip Mat ?Bottom four-corner anti-slip mat Specification Brand: Smartda(from Xiaomi Youpin) Model: HD-ZMXDJ01 Material: ABS Inner Material:304 Stainless Steel Capacity:18L Mode:3 Modes(Disinfection, drying and storage) Sterilization Priciple:UV sterilization+Ozone Control Mode:Touch Control Heating Temperature:45?-55? Noise: ? 65dB Power: 85W Voltage: 220V Frequency:50Hz Suitable for:Beauty Care,Children's products,Tableware Note Wavelength:185nm UV Type:UVC Dimension Product weight: 2.80 kg Product size: 32.50 x 29.00 x 39.50 cm Package Contents 1 x Disinfection Cabinet,1 x Stainless Steel Shelf , 1x Manual

Xiaolang TDS Water Pump – Pompa Galon TDS

Rp 199.000Rp 249.000
Xiaolang TDS Water Pump - Pompa Galon TDS Garansi 1 Bulan Features: - real-time water quality tested and display the quality data of water. - Suitable for mainstream water bucket size: 5L, 7.5L, 11L, 18.9L - Smart one-button sensing touch. - 0.2S fast response, fast water flowing out speed. - Convenient USB charging way, considerate indicator reminder. - As low as 50dB noise, only sweet water -out sound around you. - 30? tilting angle for water flowing out. Specification: Brand: XiaoLang Product: Automatic Water Pump Color: White Model: HD-ZDCSJ01 Material: Foodgrade Material Charging Time: About 3 Hours Voltage: 5V Applicable Water Temperature: 5C - 45C Charging Port: Micro USB Product size: Approx. 15.6x14.6x6.4cm/6.14x5.75x2.52in Product weight: Approx. 400g/14.11oz Package size: Approx. 22x17x9cm/8.67x6.69x3.54in Package weight: Approx. 500g/17.64oz

Xiaomi Induction Cooker Lite Kompor Induksi Portable

Rp 749.000
Xiaomi Induction Cooker Lite Kompor Induksi Portable GARANSI RESMI XIAOMI INDONESIA Fitur Kenop kontrol dengan lampu LED Pengaturan panas 9 tingkat Daya 2.100 Watt pemanasan cepat Koil dengan lapisan ganda yang disempurnakan Desain koil dengan lapisan ganda yang disempurnakan menghasilkan medan magnet secara menyeluruh untuk transfer panas yang merata Perlindungan keamanan berlapis Perlindungan otomatis untuk panas berlebih Berhenti memanaskan jika peralatan memasak diangkat Peringatan yang berbunyi Lampu LED yang berkedip Ventilasi udara panas dan dingin terpisah untuk mencegah udara panas masuk kembali Spesifikasi Certification name Induction Cooker Model DCL002CM-1 Product dimensions 280 x 265 x 75mm Product net weight 2.1kg Product gross weight 2.5kg Rated power 2100W Rated voltage 220V–240V~ Rated frequency 50Hz–60Hz Operating Temperature 0°C–45°C Isi kotak Induction cooker x 1 Power cord x 1

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L – Penggorengan Tanpa Minyak

Rp 999.000
Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L - Penggorengan Tanpa Minyak Garansi 1 Bulan Specification Product Size : 335x282x304mm Product Weight : 3.9Kg Gross Weight : 5.2Kg Product Volume : 3.5L Rated Voltage / Frequency : 220V~50HZ Rated Power : 1500W Temperature Control : 80-200?C Control Mode : Touch Screen / APP Feature XIAOMI Mijia Smart Air Fryer 3.5L Oil-free and low-fat, a new choice for healthy cooking Air bomb | bake | Yogurt | Dried fruit | thaw Healthy fried, fast cooking 360? hot air circulation, fast enjoy low-fat food The high wind speed gear of the two-speed motor is automatically matched in the medium and high temperature area, which makes the temperature rise faster. Mixed vegetables 160?C 15min Egg tart 190?C 25min Sweet potato 200?C 30min Chicken wings 180?C 15min Cake 160?C 30min Bread 170?C 18min Not just an air fryer It is also a yogurt machine, a dried fruit machine, a microwave oven, and an electric oven 40-200?C adjustable*, 24 hours long cooking time Rich smart recipes Easy to use, smart and caring 24-hour smart appointment Make an appointment before going to bed, eat in the morning Power off when pumping the pot* Cooking status at a glance OLED screen intelligent interaction Fun customization, screen display Double layer water-based non-stick coating Wear-resistant and non-sticky, easier to clean No oil and no smoke, 360. Hot air circulation Low-fat healthy visible

Xiaomi Microwave Oven Kapasitas 20L 700W Pemanas Makanan

Rp 1.399.000
Xiaomi Microwave Oven Kapasitas 20L 700W Pemanas Makanan GARANSI RESMI XIAOMI INDONESIA Fitur Microwave pemanas cepat 700 W Pemanasan menyeluruh 360° Pengaturan 35 menit Kapasitas besar 20 L Penyesuaian daya 5 tingkat Fungsi pencair tetap segar Kontrol kenop ganda klasik Piringan putar lepas-pasang yang mudah dibersihkan Microwave berdaya tinggi 700 W yang hanya membutuhkan waktu 1 menit untuk menghangatkan susu atau roti lapis Pemanasan menyeluruh 360° untuk hasil yang merata dan lezat Penyesuaian daya 5 tingkat yang dapat diubah sesuai kebutuhan Piringan putar lepas-pasang yang mudah dibersihkan Spesifikasi Product name: Microwave oven Rated voltage: 220-230V~/230-240V~/220V~ Rated capacity: 20L Rated frequency: 50Hz Product model: MWB010-1A/MWB010-2A/MWB010-3A/MWB010-4A Rated input power: 1100W Rated microwave frequency: 2450MHz Product dimensions: 456 x 343 x 264mm