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70mai 70 Mai TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Lite T02

Rp 999.000
70mai 70 Mai TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Lite T02 Specification PSI Rentang Tekanan Udara: 0,0 hingga 8,0 bar (0 hingga 100 psi) Akurasi Tekanan Udara: +-0,1 bar Power Baterai: 500mAh (receiver) Catu daya: Tenaga surya & USB Rentang pengukuran: 0,0 - 8,0 bar (0-100 psi) Dimension Receiver: 78.58 x 89.92 x 28.59 mm Sensor: 21 x 21 x 17.5 mm Bluetooth 4.2 OS yang kompatibel Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 atau lebih tinggi Sensor: Suhu pengoperasian: -40~ 80?C Suhu penyimpanan: -40 ~85?C Akurasi pengukuran: ? 0,1 bar Akurasi suhu: ? 3?C Frekuensi pengoperasian: 433,92 MHz Daya transmisi: <8 dBm Receiver: Tegangan pengoperasian: 5V Arus pengoperasian: 1A Suhu pengoperasian: -20~ 70?C Suhu penyimpanan: -35~85?C

Duka CA2 Digital Caliper – Jangka Sorong Digital

Rp 339.000
Duka CA2 Digital Caliper - Jangka Sorong Digital Duka CA2 Digital Caliper, a diameter measuring instrument with a digital LED display. With a measuring range of 15 centimeters and a very high precision, this instrument has a Vernier scale in addition to the measuring screen itself. Zero-point technology and accuracy A caliper like this one gives you just what you are looking for: precision. It has a measuring range of up to 15 cm and up to 6 inches. The size will be displayed on the LED display itself and you can also mark it on the built-in Vernier. All this with an precision of 0.01 mm/0.005 inches, so you can have the most accurate measurements. It gives you more features with its zero-point technology, with which you can define measurements from any point of the Vernier, not only when the caliper is at minimum. And you can use it in the toughest situations thanks to its IP54 certification, which makes it resistant to dust and water. Digital Caliper Duka CA2 15cm Precision 0.01mm Features: Digital display, you will get the measurement result instantly. Measuring range of up to 15 cm. Measuring capacity in centimeters and inches. Zero-point technology to be able to mark from where you want to start measuring. Specifications Brand: Duka Digital caliper Measuring range: 0-150 mm / 0-6 inches Measurement accuracy: ? 0.01 mm / 0.005 inches Maximum measurement speed: 1.5 m / sec. 60 in / sec Functions: LED digital display Water and dust resistant IP54 Zero-point technology Measurements in inches and centimeters Battery: 1.55V button battery (not included) Material: Stainless steel Working temperature: 5 ? -40 ? / 41 ? -104 ? Working humidity: <80% Dimensions: 7.65 x 1.65 x 23.6 cm What's in the box: 1 x Digital Caliper Duka CA2 15cm Precision 0.01mm

Duka ES1 ES 1 Electonic Kitchen Scale – Timbangan Dapur 8KG

Rp 319.000
Duka ES1 ES 1 Electonic Kitchen Scale - Timbangan Dapur 8KG Features : - Zero setting, tare function to subtracts weight of containers. - Weighing indicator. - Unit switching (5 units): g, ml, kg, oz, lb. - Accumulation function (maximum 99.99kg); Accumulation function (maximum 99.99kg). - Fully waterproof/washable. - Automatic shut-down. Automatic calibration at startup. Specification : Brand: DUKA Model: ES1 Capacity: 0-3 Kg Graduation Value: 0.1g Precision: ?2g Battery: Lithium polymer battery Battery Capacity: 450mAh Charging Method: Type-C LCD Display: 5 digits LCD Display Units: g, ml, kg, oz, lb Tare Function: Support Data history: 5 groups Certification: Rohs, UN38.3, GB31241, CE Package Included : 1 x DUKA ES1 Kitchen Scale

DUKA LS-P 40m Distance Meter Area Volume Angle Laser Range Finder

Rp 299.000

Deskripsi?DUKA LS-P 40m Distance Meter Area Volume Angle Laser Range Finder

Product Detail LS-P(XIAOMI YOUPIN Version) combines up to 11 kinds of practical measurement functions, such as single measurement, continuous Description: - Small volume, measures distance, area and volume accurately, quickly and conveniently. - Wide measuring distance 40M with a high accuracy up to ?2mm, accurate and efficient. - 180mAh large capacity battery /About 3,000 times - Switchable among meter (m), inch (in), feet (ft), convenient to read the measuring results. - Light to 28g, handheld design makes it portable and lightweight to take for measuring. - Large LCD with backlight, help to see the date clearly in low-light conditions. - Widely used in interior decoration, indoor design, construction field. measurement, angle measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, one PIP measurement, secondary PIP measurement, front and rear reference, one-button measurement angle / height. Easily cover the various measurement needs in your life and work. Aluminum-m'agnesium alloy body, comfortable to hold, the whole machine weighs 28 grams, 11 mm body thickness, finger size, can be easily carried into the pocket, carry it with you. Parameters: Brand:DUKA Shell material: aluminum alloy + ABS Appearance process: fine polishing + matte sandblasting Size: 86*22*11mm Weight: 28g Maximum distance measurement: 40 meters Ranging error: ? 2mm Battery capacity: 200 mAh lithium battery Charging mode: 5VMax0.2A

DUKA LS3 Meteran Laser Digital 60M Pengukur Jarak Distance Meter Range Finder

Rp 349.000
DUKA LS3 Meteran Laser Digital 60M Pengukur Jarak Distance Meter Range Finder Alat ini berfungsi untuk mengukuran jarak, volume dan area dengan menggunakan laser. DUKA menggunakan laser high precision sehingga hasil pengukuran akan sangat presisi dan akurat. Hasil pengukuran dapat disimpan dalam 99 data. Pengukuran Laser Alat ini mengukur dengan menggunakan sinar laser sehingga hasil pengukuran sangat akurat, Anda pun dapat mengukur dengan menggunakan berbagai metode seperti mengukur phytagoras, volume, area, mode pengukuran kontinyu, dan jarak. Otomatis Menyimpan Hasil Ukur Semua hasil pengukuran dapat disimpan secara otomatis sebanyak 99 data, dan dapat diakses apabila ingin kembali membuka hasil pengukuran yang telah lalu. Pengukuran Cepat dan Akurat Alat ini bekerja dengan cara memancarkan sinyal optik frekuensi tinggi, yang dibantu dengan lensa optik asferis dengan kinerja anti interferensi yang kuat. Secara signifikan, cara ini dapat mengurangi dampak cahaya sekitar sehingga hasil data akan muncul dalam sekejap. Layar Besar 2 Inci Terdapat sebuah layar berukuran 2 inci dengan LED backlit sehingga hasil data dapat dilihat dengan jelas, baik ruangan terang maupun gelap. Spesifikasi Tipe Baterai: 2 x AAA 1.5V Material: Plastik Dimensi: 50 x 112 x 25 mm Jarak pengukuran: 0.05-60 m Akurasi pengukuran: +-(1.5 mm+d*5/10,000 th) Tipe laser: Class II 635 nm, < 1 mW Penyimpanan: 99 data Laser mati otomatis: 20 detik Mati otomatis: 150 detik Indikator suara: Ya Dustproof, Waterproof, Drop-resistant, Durable Kelengkapan Produk 1 x DUKA Pengukur Jarak Laser Distance Meter Range Finder - LS3 2 x Baterai 1 x Lanyard 1 x Panduan Penggunaan

DUKA LS5 40m Distance Meter Area Volume Angle Laser Range Finder Meteran Laser Digital

Rp 349.000
DUKA LS5 LS 5 40m Distance Meter Area Volume Angle Laser Range Finder Meteran Laser Digital Specification Product Name: Laser Rangefinder Meter Product Model: LS5 Shell Material: Aluminium Alloy + PC Exterior Crafts: Fine Polishing + Matte Sandblasting Maximum Ranging: 40M Ranging Error: +/- 2mm Battery Capacity: 280mAh Lithium Battery Charging Method: 5V Max.2A Main Features: - Small volume, measures quickly and conveniently - Wide measuring distance 40M with a high accuracy - 280mAh large battery capacity - Switchable among meter (m), inch (in), feet (ft) - 38g Lightweight - Large OLED Touchscreen with backlight - Widely used in interior decoration, indoor design, construction field DUKA LS5 merupakan alat perkakas untuk mengukur dimensi dengan menggunakan sinar laser sebagai medianya. Tanpa tombol penggunaan karena sudah menggunakan OLED Touch Screen yang cukup besar dengan jarak maksimal pengukuran 40M, dengan akurasi yang sangat tinggi (+/- 2mm). Dapat dirubah dari meter (m) ke inch (in) atau feet (ft) sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda. Desainnya simple dan portable, ringan hanya 38 gram saja dan mudah disimpan di saku baju maupun saku celana. Menggunakan material dari Aluminium Alloy yang anti karat. Menggunakan baterai Lithium yang bisa diisi ulang dengan kapasitas 280mAh, yang mampu digunakan untuk 4000x pengukuran sebelum dayanya lemah atau habis. Fungsi Pengukuran: - Straight Line - Continuous - Area - Volume - Horizontal - One Pythagoras - Quadratic Pythagoras - Angle Height, etc Isi dalam kemasan 1x DUKA LS5 1x USB-C Charging Cable 1x User Manual Dimensi dari produk ini adalah 9.6 x 2.65 x 1.3 cm  

Duka SD Ruller Steel Masuring Tape 8m – Meteran Gulung

Rp 139.000
Duka SD Ruller Steel Masuring Tape 8m - Meteran Gulung Precision Measurement,Building a life that works. I'm everywhere you need to measure.Everywhere there's an ulterior motive. ABS fall-resistant housing,Abrasion-resistant cover rubber The shell is made of ABS material, wear-resistant and drop-proof, black plastic coating.Double protection for extended life. Automatic Locking,Press Recycle Ruler strap locks automatically when withdrawn and retracts automatically by pressing the unlock's quick, safe and secure to use,and supports Matte coating,Micro U-shaped surface The surface has been washed out and tested,the scale is clear and has a micro U-shaped surface.Does not scratch hands easily. Specification: Product Name: SD Series Steel Tape Measurements Ruler and Belt Width: 25mm Ruler and Belt System (geometry): Metric (cm) Hangtag Material: carbon steel Ruler and Strap Weight: 230g Measurement Error: 2mm External Dimension: 50*30*159.5mm

Duka Small Q 8in1 Electronic Ruler with Display – Meteran Digital

Rp 249.000
Duka Small Q 8in1 Electronic Ruler with Display - Meteran Digital Duka Small Q Descriptions Main Features: 8 functions: Linear measurement, circular arc measurement, arbitrary curve measurement, irregular surface measurement, cylindrical diameter measurement, cumulative subtraction, measurement prompt sound, unit switching Diverse scenarios: flat, curved, irregular surface, the diameter of the circumference, a soft object can be measured, covering life, all phases, convenient and efficient Material: Aluminum + Silicone Only 35g, compact and convenient 99m long distance Specification Brand: DUKA Model: Small Q Material: Aluminum Alloy,Silicone Application: Hardware Tool,Household Appliances Dimensions and Weight Product weight: 0.0350 kg Package weight: 0.0500 kg Product size (L x W x H): 5.30 x 5.30 x 1.50 cm / 2.09 x 2.09 x 0.59 inches Package size (L x W x H): 5.50 x 5.50 x 1.60 cm / 2.17 x 2.17 x 0.63 inches Package Contents 1 x Electronic Ruler 1 x Type-C Data Line

Mijia Smart Laser Rangefinder 40M – Meteran Laser Digital

Rp 599.000
Mijia Smart Laser Rangefinder 40M - Meteran Laser Digital Specification Size: 80 x 35 x 21mm Net Weight: about 60g Measuring range: 0.05-40m Measurement accuracy: ? (3mm + 5 x 10^(-5) D*) Charging parameters: 5V-1A Charging: USB Type-C Battery: 370mAh Full power measuring: 3000 times Minimum display unit: 0.001m Bluetooth transmission distance: about 8m (barrier-free) Material: Aluminum alloy Package List 1 x Laser rangefinder 1 x Charging Cable 1 x Manual

Notale Humidity Meter Hygrometer Thermometer Alat Ukur Kelembaban Suhu

Rp 169.000
Notale Humidity Meter Hygrometer Thermometer Alat Ukur Kelembaban Suhu Notale menghadirkan alat mengukur tingkat kelembaban suhu ruangan yang ideal di ruangan Anda. Notale Humidity Meter menggunakan sensor presisi tinggi untuk membaca dan menampilkan perubahan kelembaban dan suhu yang akurat sekecil apapun perubahan yang terjadi. Memiliki informasi tingkat kenyaman ideal untuk mengetahui ukuran ideal kelembapan suhu di ruangan Anda. Sangat cocok digunakan di ruang tamu, kamar tidur, kamar bayi, dapur, kamar mandi atapun di mana saja. Deskripsi Produk Indoor dan Outdoor: Dapat mengukur suhu ruangan dalam dan di luar ruangan. Memberikan informasi perubahan suhu yang akurat di dalam atau di luar ruangan Indikator Kelembapan: Menampilkan informasi sepanjang waktu untuk memberitahu jika ruangan terlalu kering atau basah atau dalam kondisi ideal Lampu Latar: Layar yang besar dan pencahayaan malam hari atau disaat mati lampu, untuk tetap bisa melihat informasi kelembapan suhu secara jelas Sensor Presisi Tinggi: Menggunakan sensor presisi tinggi, sehingga data yang ditampilan lebih akurat secara real-time Touchscreen: Desain mungil portable sudah menggunakan layar sentuh, lebih mudah penggunaannya dibanding dengan menggunakan tombol 24 Hours Data Record: Menampilkan riwayat catatan kelembapan suhu tertinggi atau terendah dalam 24jam terakhir Backside Magnet: Lebih mudah ditempatkan dimana saja, seperti kulkas dan lainnya 2 Way Use: Dapat diletakkan dengan menggantungnya di dinding atau di letakkan di meja dengan penyanggah. Indikator Humidity Meter: Dry (terlalu kering), Comfort (kelembapan ideal), Wet (terlalu lembab) Spesifikasi Measuring Range: -4-158F (-20C-70C) Humidity: 10%-99% Humifity: 1%RH Accuracy: Temperature 1C , Humidity 5%RH Size: 106x77x22mm Power: AAA Battery x 2 Dimention: 106 x 77 x 22 mm