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Bebird B2 Pro B 2 Pro Smart Visual 1080p Earpick 5MP Endoscope

Rp 449.000
Bebird B2 Pro Smart Visual Earpick Pembersih Telinga Garansi 1 Bulan Features: 1.Rapid WiFi visual connection. No connection is required to open picking ears. 2.Use optical lens and high performance 300W pixel. The CMOS sensor has a clear picture, 20X amplifying ear canal & 55? viewing angle. 3.13 lens combination & 6 LED lights. IP67 waterproof lens. Water washable. 4.Adapt to dry ear, oil ear and other complex environment. 5.4 axis smart directional gyroscope quick positioning, screen is not bias & shake. 6.High-end OV chip video coding technique, hand-eye synchronous exciting picking! 7.Strong WiFi signal, penetrating power, avoid delay. More safety protection. 8.Earpick head buckle, over-hot earpick protection, timing automatic shutdown, children lock and anti frost cracking protection. 9.Smart constant temperature control. Prevent low temperature & ear burning . 10.Long endurance. Built-in 350mAh large capacity battery. Picking once a week for 10 minutes, can use about 30 days. Specifications: Brand: Bebird Product Name: Bebird ear picking intelligent visual ear picking stick Product model: B2 Pro Main engine weight: 29 G Network standard: eee802.11b/g/n Built in antenna: FPC antenna Working frequency: 2.4GHz Image transmission rate: 30fps Image sensor: CMOS Working environment temperature: - 10 ~ 50 ? Otoscope: 25?C non-inductive temperature. Earpick body: 32?C palm's temperature.

Bebird C3 Pro Global Camera Earpick Pembersih Telinga

Rp 499.000
Bebird C3 Pro Smart Visual Earpick Pembersih Telinga Garansi 1 Bulan Brand?bebird Product name?Smart Visual Ear Cleaning Rod Model?C3 Pro Weight of host?21g Network standard?IEEE 802.11b/g/n Antenna?Built-in FPC antenna Working frequency?2.4Ghz Image transmission rate?30fps Image sensor?CMOS Environment temperature?-10-50?C Battery ?250mAh (lithium battery) Battery life?about 80 minutes Charge time?1.5h Current input?DC 5V 300mA Lens diameter?3.5mm Optimum focal length ?1.5 ~ 2cm Pixel?3 Megapixels Gravity sensor?3-axis

Bebird R1 R 1 Smart Visual Earpick Pembersih Telinga

Rp 299.000
Bebird R1 Smart Visual Earpick Pembersih Telinga Garansi 1 Bulan Features: Advanced WIFI chip for rapid WiFi visual connection and strong WiFi signal avoiding delay. Use optical lens and high performance 4.5mm 3MP camera Built-in rechargeable 120mAh battery for long-lasting use Three-axis intelligent orientation Intelligent temperature control chip make it same temperature with the human body,avoid burning of your ears LED light allows you to clear and bright view ,avoiding to blurring your view and result in cleaning your ear blindly Redesign product structure preventing ear spoon from falling off Universal for iOS and Android phones Specification: Product Name: Intelligent Visual Ear Pick Rod R1 Network Standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Antenna Built-in FPC Antenna Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz Image Transmission Rate: 30fps Working Environment Temperature: -10-50 Centigrade Battery: 120mAh Battery Life: Approx. 30 Minute Charge Length: 0.5h Optimum Focal Length: 1.5 - 2cm Pixel: 3MP Gravity Sensor: 3 Axis Package Size: Approx. 19*9*6cm Package Weight: Approx. 150g

Berrcom Thermometer Termometer Suhu Tubuh Digital Infrared

Rp 475.000
Garansi 1 Bulan Specification Measurement Range: 32C-42.9C Measurement Error: <0.3C Measurement Distance: <5 cm Power Consume: <450mW Auto Shutdown: 30 Second Power Supply: 2 x AAA Dimension: 145 x 40 x 32 mm Thermometer dari Xiaomi Berrcom ini hadir dengan teknologi tercanggih karena telah menggunakan sensor non contact sehingga tidak perlu menempel pada kulit untuk mengukur suhu tubuh. Kecepatan baca juga sangat cepat hanya membutuhkan waktu 1 detik. Hasil deteksi suhu juga ditampilkan pada layar LED. Dapat digunakan pada anak bayi. Selain untuk bayi, termometer ini juga cocok untuk mengecek suhu badan orang yang sedang sakit karena flu maupun virus corona. Non Contact Sensor Thermometer dari Xiaomi ini hadir dengan teknologi tercanggih karena telah menggunakan sensor non contact sehingga tidak perlu menempel pada kulit untuk mengukur suhu tubuh. Dengan mengarahkan thermometer ke arah badan dengan jarak sekitar 5 cm kemudian tekan tombol pada thermometer, suhu badan langsung terukur secara akurat. LED Display Hasil deteksi suhu juga ditampilkan pada layar LED. Thermometer ini dapat menyimpan data suhu tubuh sebanyak 32 buah sehingga Anda dapat mengecek suhu tubuh Anda sebelumnya dengan mudah. Battery Powered Thermometer Xiaomi ini menggunakan baterai AAA sebanyak 2 buah sehingga mudah diganti jika telah habis. Terdapat fitur auto off pada display ini jika thermometer tidak digunakan selama 30 detik sehingga lebih hemat baterai. Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Berrcom Thermometer - JXB-305 2 x AAA 1 x Manual

iHealth Thermometer Digital Infrared Termometer Suhu Tubuh

Rp 345.000
Garansi 1 Bulan Main Features Non-contact infrared thermometer is useful for measuring temperature under many circumstances, also healthful for multiple users. Quick to get data for just 1 second, smart and convenient. Adopting advanced German Heimann Sensor for accurate detection. Concealed LED digital display with clear data, easy to use for the elderly and children. Powered by 2 x AAA battery. Specifications Measuring position: forehead Measuring distance: 3cm and less Power source: DC 3V, 2 x 1.5V AAA battery Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.2 Deg.C ( ranged 35 - 42 Deg.C ), +/- 0.3 Deg.C ( other range ) Resolution ratio: 0.1 Deg.C Clinical repeatable: +/- 0.3 Deg.C Operating environment: 16 - 35 Deg.C, 85pct RH and less, 70 - 106kPa Accuracy : +/- 0.2 Deg.C ( ranged 35 - 42 Deg.C ), +/- 0.3 Deg.C ( other range ) Operating Humidity: 85pct RH and less Operating Temperature Range : 16 - 35 Deg.C Resolution Support: 0.1 Deg.C Dimension and Weight Product weight: 0.0900 kg Package weight: 0.1450 kg Product size (L x W x H): 13.70 x 3.40 x 3.90 cm / 5.39 x 1.34 x 1.54 inches Package size (L x W x H): 20.00 x 15.00 x 8.00 cm / 7.87 x 5.91 x 3.15 inches Package Contents 1 x Thermometer 2 x AAA Battery

LeFan Leravan Eye Massager Alat Terapi Kacamata Pijat

Rp 1.149.000
Specification: ?Product Name: LF Eye Massager Model: LF-Y001 Weight: about 490g Rated power: 5W Rated voltage: 5V Product size: 219mmx72mmx111mm Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.10-2008 Three-dimensional eye protection | Temple massage | Gesture control | Detachable cleaning Built-in soothing music, stereo surround relaxation, automatic playback when you turn on, let you feel like you are in nature and enjoy the eye spa, relax your body and mind Wireless portable, long-lasting battery life. Enjoy free massage Detachable cleaning massage head, clean and worry free Le Fan launches an eye massager to alleviate these unwanted effects. This massager, uses 14 elastic silicone heads, which provide a three-dimensional massage. The heads precisely cover 7 acupuncture points located around the eyes and deeply relax the area. The surface layer of the heads is made of Q-elastic gel, which simulates the natural sensation of the skin on the fingers. It also incorporates relaxing and enveloping music, stereo, so that the moment of relaxation is complete. With a full charge of 2 hours it reaches an autonomy of 100 minutes, which if you calculate 2 massages a day of 5 minutes each, can fulfill about 10 days of use.

Leravan 3D Neck Massage Kneading Pillow Alat Pijat Leher

Rp 1.150.000
Main Features: Simultaneous five-finger massage, 3D all-round massage experience Wireless binding, designed for neck and shoulders PTC heating technology, 55 Deg.C temperature massage simulation human hand temperature Fit the neck curve, depth care neck, and shoulders Kneading and massage, wireless portable, Multi-purpose machine, full body relaxation 4 hours of charging, can be used continuously for about 3 days Three-speed massage force adjustment 2800 speed pure copper movement, bringing a continuous and stable experience High-quality PU leather material, waterproof and sweatproof, and resistant to dirt and wear Foldable shoulder strap, convenient storage, no space Material: PU Built-in Li-ion battery Package Contents: 1 x Kneading Shawl, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Manual Customized intensity Kneading Nodes along with 3 built-in intensity levels (Low, Medium, High) for a soothing and comfortable experience for your tissue, muscles, ligaments, as well as improving blood circulation! Multi Uses This Shiatsu Neck Massager for Muscles provides a deep tissue massage experience for your neck, back, shoulders, arms, thighs, waist, abdomen, legs, calves, and feet. It can be used at home, the office, or car. PTC Heating This Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with heat offer a small sensation of heat, all with a touch of a button. Type-C & Fast Charging Built-in lithium battery, adopt Type-C charging port, QC fast charge for 4 hours, use 15 minutes a day, can be used continuously for 3 days. Bi-Directional Control This Neck and Shoulder Massager will reverse every minute to provide an in-person massage experience.

Leravan AI Smart Neck Massage Sleep Pillow – Bantal Leher – Mijia App

Rp 1.199.000
Leravan AI Smart Neck Massage Sleep Pillow - Bantal Leher - Mijia App Professional stretching massage pillow. For people suffering from long-term cervical discomfort, you can choose deep stretching or neck massage mode. Four massage modes. Deep stretching, neck massage, elaxing sleep, early morning wake 2 Gear Temperature Control hot compress,42?C/46?C, especially lifelong benefits for people with long-term cold neck, massage and hot compress, effectively promote neck blood circulation and relieve soreness. Type C interface. Applicable to a variety of mobile phones charging plug. Connect to mobile power Relaxing sleep mode gentle soothing helps you fall asleep quickly Morning Wakeup Mode. The smart pillow can set the wake-up time in the mijia APP and wake up through the ups and downs of the airbag Mijia APP Control. In addition to the morning wake-up / relax sleep mode, you can also set a custom exclusive massage mode on the APP, and automatically remember it to the smart pillow, and then use the physical button to control it. Wave Pillow Design. Making people turn over and turn their heads freely when sleeping. Function 1: Airbag electric massage Function 2: Hot compress massage Function 3: 4 Modes Massage Function 4: Type-C Charging Function 5: Work With Mijia APP Function 6: Neck massage Function 7: Stretching massage Function 8: Low noise Temperature control: 42 / 46 Feature 1: Heating Electric Massage Pillow Feature 2: Cervical Health Massageador Relaxation Feature 3: Multi Relaxation Massager Feature 4: Neck Massage Relief Pain Device Feature 5: Massage Pillow Feature 6: Body Massager Package List : 1 x LERAVAN AI Smart Neck Massage Pillow 1 x Type-C Charging Cable 1 x Manual

LF Magic Touch Extension Cable – Kabel Extensi Alat Pijat Koyo

Rp 75.000
Aksesoris Kabel Ekstensi Electrode Pad Sticker Xiaomi LF Magic Touch Ini merupakan aksesoris original yang dikeluarkan khusus untuk Xiaomi LF Magic Touch yang tentunya kompatibel dan sama percis kualitasnya dengan aksesoris bawaannya. Cocok sebagai pengganti atau cadangan bila pad sticker yang Anda milik sudah rusak , hilang, atau bisa juga dijadikan sebagai cadangan. Panjang kabel ekstensi LF Magic Touch 120 cm

Mijia Nail Clipper – Gunting Kuku Stainless Steel

Rp 49.000
Mijia Nail Clipper - Gunting Kuku Stainless Steel Feature: PERFECT NAIL CLIPPERS with CATCHER: --Mijia Newest nail clippers set includ nail clippers features a shell case to trap clippings for no-mess toenail fingernail cutting grooming. NO SPLASH DESIGN: --Nail Clippers designed with a catcher to prevent nails from splashing everywhere in process of nails clipping, these can keep your room clean and give you a good no-mess life! ULTRA SHARP BLADES: --Clippers are made up of superior quality stainless steel with sufficiently sharp blades , sharpened stainless steel blades cut thick nails smoothly and easily , preventing nail splitting and the toenails. STURDY STAINLESS STEEL: --These Nail Clippers made with sturdy zinc alloy stainless steel precision blades and Anti-Slip lever, strong, durable and rust proof. these Nail Clipper lets you distant from bending and slipping problem, delivering a more confident clip every time. BEST NAIL TRIMMER: --XIAOMI MIJIA nail trimmer set shaped and sized specifically for trimming fingernails or toenails with optimum accuracy. Specification: Brand: Mijia Color: White Material : 420 Stainless Steel Nail Clipper PC+ABS Shell Case Weight: 22g Size : 61.5x 13.5x 14.2mm Executive standard : QB/T 1815-2002 Package included: 1 X Mijia nail clipper

Notale Timbangan Badan Digital Smart Scale Aplikasi Wireless

Rp 249.000
Notale Timbangan Badan Digital Smart Scale Aplikasi Wireless Digital Smart Scale atau biasa disebut dengan Timbangan Pintar Digital, berfungsi untuk menganalisa berat badan dengan 18 indikator kesehatan Anda. Big Limit Weight Maksimal Berat Badan yang dapat menggunakan timbangan ini, hingga 180Kg. 18 Health Index Statistics (BMI, BFR, Muscle Rate, Body Water, Bone Mass, BMR, Protein Rate, Metabolic Age, Visceral Fat Index, Subcutaneous Fat, Standard Weight, Weight Control, Fat Mass, Weight Without Fat, Muscle Mass, Protein Mass, Obesity Level, Body Type). 10 Users Memory Timbangan ini dapat digunakan untuk seluruh anggota keluarga Anda, dapat menambahkan sebanyak 10 member. High Quality Build Menggunakan ABS Material dan Tempered Glass yang sangat kuat dan kokoh, membuat timbangan ini terlihat sangat mewah dan sangat pintar. App Wireless Control Dapat melihat hasil analisa 18 indikator kesehatan Anda dengan terkoneksi menggunakan aplikasi AiFit, Anda bisa download di Play Store / App Store. Spesifikasi Compatible with : Android, iOS Glass Material : Tempered Glass Body Material : ABS Weight Range : 100g – 180kg Power Supply : 4 x 1.5V AAA Battery Product weight : 1.75 kg Product Dimension : 31x31x2.5 cm Aplikasi: AIFIT

Xiaomi Bebird M9 Pro Smart Visual Ear Stick Kamera Endoscope 300W

Rp 699.000
Xiaomi Bebird M9 Pro Smart Visual Ear Stick Kamera Endoscope 300W Garansi 1 Bulan Xiaomi Bebird adalah kamera endoscope dengan ukuran sangat kecil yang sering digunakan untuk melihat kedalam ruang-ruang sempit dan gelap. Yang unik dari kamera ini adalah terdapat kepala untuk korek kuping. Anda mendapat beberapa aksesoris kepala korek kuping lengkap dengan kotak penyimpanannya. Camera endoscope ini dapat menampilkan gambar dengan resolusi tinggi dan memberikan Anda gambar yang sangat detail. Xiaomi Bebird dapat terhubung ke smartphone menggunakan jaringan WiFi sehingga tidak perlu memasang kabel yang mengganggu pergerakan dari kamera endoscope ini. Xiaomi Bebird menggunakan baterai isi ulang 350mAh yang dapat beroperasi kurang lebih 90 menit. Untuk mengisi baterai juga sangat gampang, Anda tinggal meletak Xiaomi Bebird ini pada charging dock yang tersedia. Terdapat beberapa jenis kepala korek kuping yang dapat Anda ganti sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda. Semua aksesoris ini disimpan dalam sebuah kotak yang juga berfungsi sebagai charging dock dari kamera endoscope ini. Kamera Endoscope ini memiliki gyroscope sehingga dapat mendeteksi pergerakan dari tangan Anda. Dengan fitur ini, maka kamera ini dapat mengetahui setiap pergerakan yang Anda lakukan didalam telinga sehingga proses korek kuping menjadi lebih gampang dan aman. Endoscope ini dilengkapi dengan 6 LED yang dapat menerangi keadaan sekitar atau pada saat berada di dalam air yang gelap. Specification Video: Image Transmission Rate: 30 FPS Optimum Focal Length: 1.5 - 2 cm Koneksi:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Daya / Power: 350mAh Battery Life: Approx. 90 Minute Charge Length: 1.5h Dimensi: Inside Diameter Of Lens 3.5mm Package 1 x Xiaomi Bebird Smart Visual Ear Stick Kamera Endoscope 300W - M9 Pro 1 x Docking Charger 1 x Set of Earpicks 1 x User Manual