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Duka SD Ruller Steel Masuring Tape 8m – Meteran Gulung

Rp 139.000
Duka SD Ruller Steel Masuring Tape 8m - Meteran Gulung Precision Measurement,Building a life that works. I'm everywhere you need to measure.Everywhere there's an ulterior motive. ABS fall-resistant housing,Abrasion-resistant cover rubber The shell is made of ABS material, wear-resistant and drop-proof, black plastic coating.Double protection for extended life. Automatic Locking,Press Recycle Ruler strap locks automatically when withdrawn and retracts automatically by pressing the unlock's quick, safe and secure to use,and supports Matte coating,Micro U-shaped surface The surface has been washed out and tested,the scale is clear and has a micro U-shaped surface.Does not scratch hands easily. Specification: Product Name: SD Series Steel Tape Measurements Ruler and Belt Width: 25mm Ruler and Belt System (geometry): Metric (cm) Hangtag Material: carbon steel Ruler and Strap Weight: 230g Measurement Error: 2mm External Dimension: 50*30*159.5mm