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Duka CA2 Digital Caliper – Jangka Sorong Digital

Rp 339.000
Duka CA2 Digital Caliper - Jangka Sorong Digital Duka CA2 Digital Caliper, a diameter measuring instrument with a digital LED display. With a measuring range of 15 centimeters and a very high precision, this instrument has a Vernier scale in addition to the measuring screen itself. Zero-point technology and accuracy A caliper like this one gives you just what you are looking for: precision. It has a measuring range of up to 15 cm and up to 6 inches. The size will be displayed on the LED display itself and you can also mark it on the built-in Vernier. All this with an precision of 0.01 mm/0.005 inches, so you can have the most accurate measurements. It gives you more features with its zero-point technology, with which you can define measurements from any point of the Vernier, not only when the caliper is at minimum. And you can use it in the toughest situations thanks to its IP54 certification, which makes it resistant to dust and water. Digital Caliper Duka CA2 15cm Precision 0.01mm Features: Digital display, you will get the measurement result instantly. Measuring range of up to 15 cm. Measuring capacity in centimeters and inches. Zero-point technology to be able to mark from where you want to start measuring. Specifications Brand: Duka Digital caliper Measuring range: 0-150 mm / 0-6 inches Measurement accuracy: ? 0.01 mm / 0.005 inches Maximum measurement speed: 1.5 m / sec. 60 in / sec Functions: LED digital display Water and dust resistant IP54 Zero-point technology Measurements in inches and centimeters Battery: 1.55V button battery (not included) Material: Stainless steel Working temperature: 5 ? -40 ? / 41 ? -104 ? Working humidity: <80% Dimensions: 7.65 x 1.65 x 23.6 cm What's in the box: 1 x Digital Caliper Duka CA2 15cm Precision 0.01mm