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Yeelight 2-in-1 Mosquito Repellent Lamp Swatter Raket Nyamuk

Rp 299.000
Specification Yeelight Mosquito Light Sensor Repellent Lamp Swatter Smart 2-in-1 Raket Nyamuk Model: YLGJ04YJ Voltage: DC5V 1A Rated Power: 0.65W UV Wavelength: 360nm-400nm Material: ABS/li> Size: 177.5 x 54 x 330mm Package Include: 1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp 1 x USB Charging Cable International Reddot Design Award Unique simple design, Combine the electric mosquito swatter with the base to make a mosquito killer. Take out the electric mosquito swatter and use it directly as a mosquito bat. Auto-on of UV light at night when plugged to a power supply; Built in with light sensor, with front and back sensor. Automatically activate the mosquito trap mode at night and automatically turn off in the morning. 88.1% High kill rate, Active & Passive 2 modes Using environmentally-friendly physical electrostatic shock to kill mosquitoes, using 360nm - 400nm wavelength ultraviolet UV light to attract mosquitoes Energy-saving, Micro USB Fast Charge With a lithium battery (in-built), last for 3-4 hours after a full charge via a Micro USB interface. Non-Toxic No odor, and Environmental Protection Physical mosquito killing, non-toxic and harmless, no chemical components volatile components, pregnant infants, the elderly can use safely. Also, you can use it when camping outside, really a wise choice for your family. Automatic Mode to switch on the UV light will only be activated when: Connecting the device to a power supply via USB cable. The automatic mode should be switched on by checking the Automatic ON/OFF Sensor. When the environment is dark, the Photosensitive Sensor will be switched on with the Mosquito Light reflecting a purple color UV light. The Mosquito Light and Repellent functions will be switched on concurrently. When the environment is bright, the Photosensitive Sensor will be activated. Both the Mosquito Light and Repellent functions with be switched off automatically. The Mosquito Repellent Lamp will stop operating.