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Xiaomi Mijia Digital Air Pump 1S – Air Compressor – Xiaomi Pompa Angin

Rp 449.000Rp 549.000
Garansi: Resmi 12 Bulan : Produk Lama - Port Charger Micro USB Toko 1 Bulan : Produk Baru 1S - Port Charger Type C Specifications Name: Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S Model: MJCQB05QJ Standards implemented: QXMQJ0002-2019 Dimensions: 124 x 71 x 45.3 mm (Air compressor, excluding air hose) Inflation pressure range: 0.2?10.3 bar/3?150 psi Operating temperature: Charging: 0?C?45?C. Discharging: -10?C?45?C Storage temperature: -10?C to 45?C Battery capacity: 14.8 Wh Noise value during operation: <80 dB at 1 m distance Input parameters: 5V - 2A Charging port: Type-C Charging time: <3 hrs Package contents Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S x 1 Presta Valve Adapter x 1 Needle Valve Adapter x 1 Storage Pouch x 1 User Manual x 1 Charging Cable x 1