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Deerma NU06 NU 06 / NU05 NU 05 Portable Blender Juicer

Rp 349.000
Deerma NU06 NU 06 / NU05 NU 05 Portable Blender Juicer Main Features: New juicing equipment In the hot summer, iced juice is indispensable. The wireless portable juice machine has three upgrades in appearance, performance and battery life. Upgraded appearance Designer custom color, Tunisian dark blue + rose gold Performance upgrade The new combination of juicing, the motor blade is very different Battery life upgrade Refill at any time, refill 8 cups at a time Sports / work / shopping / picnic, wireless and portable Say goodbye to the shackles of the power cord, the wireless body is convenient to carry, walk with you everywhere, and you can squeeze sweet and sour juice at any time, awaken your vitality 21000rpm DC motor Driven by a DC motor with an instantaneous speed of up to 21,000 rpm, it not only cuts the pulp but also breaks the ice, the fruit is fully integrated with the ice cubes and fresh milk, and the taste is as delicate as a broken wall. N summer internet celebrity drink, easy to make at any time with it 3h fast charge, 8 cups per charge Built-in USB interface, power bank can be charged directly or in-vehicle charging, 3H fast charging. Optimize the circuit design, upgrade the battery life, charge 8 cups at a time, and have delicious food along the way. PCTG food-grade material The cup body is strictly made of PCTG food-grade material. Like a baby bottle, it does not contain bisphenol A which is harmful to the human body. It is also resistant to fall and wear and carry, and children with naughty families can also drink safely. Technical Specifications : Material PCTG (baby bottle material), 304 stainless steel, PP Battery: 1500mAh Dimension DEM-NU06: 315 x 183 x 105mm Voltage : 220V Power : 140W Capacity : 400ml