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[Clearance] 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10

Rp 3.499.000
[Clearance] 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 "Barang cleareance tanpa dus, dijamin unit baru dan kelengkapan lengkap, Garansi 12 Bulan" FLAGSHIP ROBOT VACUUM The ultra-slim S10 sets a new benchmark for LiDAR Robot Vacuums. With aerospace-grade dToF scanning technology, SLAM algorithm, and 3300Pa suction power, this robot vac features more accurate room mapping, more comprehensive route planning, and a deeper clean of your home than ever before. BUILT-IN TRINOCULAR LiDAR Equipped with one LDS Laser and two OLS Lasers, the S10 sees the room in three dimensions to efficiently navigate your home environment and avoid obstacles. With the LiDARs hidden directly in the body of the robot instead of externally mounted on top, the ultra-slim 8.5cm height. AI POWERED 3D VISION Utilizing the same dToF scanning technology used by the NASA Mars Rover, the S10’s accurate room mapping works at nanosecond speed to generate a full picture of the house and ensure total cleaning coverage. ADVANCED AUTOPILOT OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE Stereoscopic 3D perception provides millimeter-level detection of obstacles such as power strips, toys, and shoes. 6 sets of drop sensors enhance cliff identification, while the vacuum identifies thresholds, sliding rails, and other objects up to 2 cm tall. SMART MOPPING The enlarged 520ml electronic water tank enables you to mop a 1076 ft2 house without needing to refill. SUPERIOR SUCTION WITH REDUCED NOISE The upgraded dual noise reduction system uses patented de-noise technology. With a 500ml dust bin, 520ml water tank, 5000 mAh high-capacity battery that lasts up to 3 hours, and a maximum suction of 3300Pa. USER-FRIENDLY APP & VOICE ASSISTANT INTEGRATION You can also connect your S10 with Alexa or Google Home to get your vacuum going with a simple voice command.